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And any attempts to further litigate by the auto makers etc will be swatted away because this administration has apparently stacked the deck against them in order to push this through. I am basing this off the article Gabe linked to. No legal standing - BULLSHIT! With the help of this administration, they can bend the law any way they choose to achieve their agenda.

Really the only way to keep this thing in check is to NOT BUY THE SHIT. Do not put it in any of your cars, trucks, nothing. If the gas station operators do not see demand for the product, they will not carry it.

BTW, sent off letters to my so-called representatives and speaker Boehner. Like Budman and others said, gotta flood them with our concerns. Gotta try, anyway. I'm afraid that once this genie is out of the bottle, there will be no putting it back. Then what?

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