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Originally Posted by EastBayDave View Post
I watch too, but if you're going fast enough to make wheels hard to see on "likely to pull out cars" (looking for tires, brake light, head in car, etc.), I can't depend on that BUT, I will look just the same...
You shouldn't be going fast enough that the wheels are hard to see on "likely to pull out cars". That's my whole point. You're in a potentially dangerous situation with lots of possible "threats" - cars that could enter your space - it's a time when you should slow down and give yourself time to evaluate all of those threats.

You can't just hope that nobody decides to cross your path, you have to watch for who's going to do it and be ready to avoid them. When I'm passing cars on the side of the road that could possibly pull into my space, I'm looking at the front wheels of each of them until I'm sure they can't "get me". If I have to slow way down to be able to do that, then I go slower. I don't geve them the chance to invade my space.
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Gonna play devil's advocate and point out that if you are in the left part of the lane you are more likely to be in their blind spot. I actually tend to ride towards the right part of the lane in the city because you'll be shining your heading right in their left mirror, much harder to "miss".

Same on the freeway if in the left lane I actually stay in the right part of the lane when approaching traffic then swing out left as I get parallel with them. That movement within the lane also tends to help with visibility.

If you are already in the far left part of the lane, the only escape path remaining is further left... into oncoming traffic.
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If you could wind back the clock and do this sequence of events all over again... what would you do different besides anticipate the cagers moves...
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