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AB 51 Lane Splitting - Call to Action

Join us...
Modified Motorcycle Association (MMA) of CA, California Confederation of Clubs (COC), United Motorcycle Clubs of Alameda County (UMCoAC), Bay Area Motorcycle Riders Coalition, US Defenders, California Motorcycle Riders Unification Movement, Motorcycle Clubs Are NOT Street Gangs (MCANSG), California Lane Splitting Forum... and now...

ABATE of California.. in contacting members of the California Assembly Transportation Committee, asking them NOT to support AB 51 (Lane Splitting) as it is CURRENTLY written. Below is their sample letter......

Dear Assemblymember,

I request that you do not support AB51, the motorcycle lane splitting bill. The bill as currently written does not fully address rider safety within the stated speed limits. Further studies should be conducted to determine the effect lane splitting speed limits.

Thanks you for your attention to this matter

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City, state, zip
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