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That sounds like a horrible crash man. Really happy to hear you will recover. Very tough road ahead. I have nothing to offer on pain med advice take whatever the hell helps in the initial stages!
Sounds like Archimedes is your man for advice/guidance.

Care to share the details on the crash?

Heal fast rider.
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Fok Julle Naaiers
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please tell me it wasn't that damn rear tire that bit you??

hope you get through the hard part unscathed
pain meds are there for a reason...try and get to sleep after a bit without them and you'll see that you really do need them.

getting up and letting the blood flow will feel really good once you get used to not putting any weight on your leg and, once you have the strength to move your self back and forth....take it slow!

edit: i volunteer to do a ride by so you can remember what it's like to do wheelies...if you need the motivation to ever get back into riding
Be silent, be violent. And link those fucking videos

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I am so sad for you that you were conceived with pee-amazighlol

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panty sniffer
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Ask for norco's there a good pain killer
Im in the sunset if you need anything
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mean dad
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Glad you're here, man.
Details on the crash?


Fuck around and find out.
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Be Here Now
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Do you think a Motorcycle SAFER barrier would have helped?
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I'm sorry to hear about your accident. Right now while you're in the hospital and on drugs is not the time to make any decisions. Just heal up now. Give yourself that time. My . Heal up soon

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2fast 2live 2young 2die
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hope the pain and frustration passes and you can make a full recovery. Count your blessings, you may be getting a big bill but you got a bigger gift in the chance to keep on living. Glad to hear your head is ok.
Be well, heal up, read books.
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Heal up and glad you are still with us. When you get out of the hospital besides staying busy, stay hydrated. Drinking milk is good for the bone to heal.
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Glad you are still with us, get well. Have been on pain meds a couple of time, two words for you Stool Softeners.
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Wow. Glad you're still with us. +1 on the books... maybe a good time for a Kindle?
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carries an axe
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Originally Posted by ABC View Post
Long story short, I'm on a lot of drugs(in hospital), wrecked bike going into a blind corner... Low sided into a guardrail at 50mph lucky I didn't die, got a life flight and I made it out with just a shattered femur that was sticking out through my skin...

What the fuck do I do now. I feel like I just want to keep taking the strongest drugs to deal with it is that good? Anyone give me advice on what to do? I'm pretty much happy I'm just here for another day. Will be giving up riding more then likely. Ummmmm lets see that's abut it. I'm a blessed dude and have an amazing girlfriend on my side willing to fight through this with me
right now your instincts are telling you to do all sorts of different things.
Before you make any rash decisions give yourself some time to recover then re examine what happened.

don't be ashamed ask for help because you're going to need it.
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Adverse Selection
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Originally Posted by Yakoo752 View Post
Stay on the pain killers as prescribed

Being "tough" is a fools game

Heal up
So much this.

OP, you're lucky. You did good. You're also in good company. Some of the most badass riders ever broke their femurs. Gary Nixon and Barry Sheene come to mind.

Congrats and heal up.

On the topic of healing; I spend 3 weeks in traction and a total of 6 weeks confined to bed for skiing wreck I had when I was 22. My buddy's hot girlfriend smuggled a pint of Tanqueray (not recommended with the opiates) and a stack of Hermann Hesse novels (well, those didn't have to be smuggled) into the hospital for me. The Tanqueray didn't last long, but the Hesse novels were a life/mind saver. Read.

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Been there at an earlier age than you. Gave up motorcycle riding for about four months (I didn't have a femur break, but 250 stitches in my face and body).
Sorry to hear about your accident.

You are young a d alive and will most likely ride again. If you give it up, i will take your bike.
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Damn, sorry to hear that! You can't rush the healing process, it takes time especially with an injury like that. Just count your blessings and try to enjoy the time to relax.
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I have nothing to add other than thank goodness you are here to ask about your recovery.

Having a strong partner by your side is a huge plus.

Be good to her!
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