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Adverse Selection
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Originally Posted by canyonrat View Post
But Budman is the most amazing of ALL!

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If you want to be happy, practice compassion.
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Wow!!! Really wow! absolutely blown away!
Thank you Budman and barf
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Ride only user
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Thanks! Same back at ya, Bud! Happy that I can give back to the board. I've gotten to know a lot of good folks, received tons of valuable information (and not just about bikes) and gotten more than my fair share of laughs and support. (Now, that I've seen Adam's Miss America/Universe Pageant image I really want a tiara...)

s h e l t e r w e r k
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Hey Dennis she knows you will never grow up she just LOVES YOU just the way you are.

Just ask me why I know.
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Just goes to show the Budman knows his people AND goes an extra hundred miles to give them kudos.

This community is a wonderful place regardless of what so many say

Thank you Budman and all of the recipients for what you all have done to make this a much better place!!!!!

People say I have A.D.D. they just don't understand......HEY LOOK A MOTORCYCLE!

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Ghost in The Machine
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Thanks Budman for doing so very much for the community. I consider myself luck to know you.

Thanks for pulling my name out of the hat!

A superior rider uses superior judgment to avoid situations that require superior skill.

Originally Posted by DataDan View Post
Be resilient. After an unpleasant surprise or close call, get your head back in the game quickly. Learn whatever lesson you can and move on.
Originally Posted by cardinal03 View Post
The panties. Unbunch them.
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Congrats to all the winners, well deserved for the work they do on BARF.

And a big to Budman, so many of us love BARF. Thank you keeping it going.
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get it while it's easy
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dearest dennis - am truly humbled by your acknowledgement. when i think of sincerity, fortitude and effort on behalf of the moto community, i think of you. whatever any of us do, it is solely a testament to what you make possible through your extraordinary dedication to making a space where we can come together as brothers, sisters, and like minded two wheeled enthusiasts. with a large dose of humanity also involved. all credit goes to you. xoxo
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Originally Posted by shouldnthave View Post

Thanks Dennis, and everyone (on this list and not) for being awesome. Yah'll deserve it more than I.
I'll second that.
AFM #961

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Older 'n Dirt
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Well done!
Michael Pierce
Portland, OR / Hobart, WA
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litre bikes are fun
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Originally Posted by budman View Post
[B][I]Barfie Awards
ē Bassem

You guys rock and helping out other motorcyclists is what barf is really about at its core. Nice job!
first time i got on track was because of this awesome creampuff. i cant thank him enough and im glad to that hes being recognised for being the kickass guy he is.
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megalomaniacal troglodyte
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thanks Dennis. classifieds wouldn't be nearly as cohesive as it is (feel free to take the piss, ya hooligans) as it now is without the the help of Nick and Bikeama... i ai'nt gonna slice up my trophy though, but if i ever meet you guys you can fondle it.
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Originally Posted by Abacinator View Post
Love that subway tile backsplash, auntie
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This is so awesome and I'm humbled to be included in the BARFie list. We at Z2 Track Days just thought it would be nice to give a couple of free n00b spots to our excellent Season Pass holders and they absolutely ran with it. The entire n00b day idea was theirs (Bassem, Jeremy, Michael, Raymond) and it really speaks to the cohesiveness, generosity and camaraderie of the BARF community. So great.

Dennis: none of us would have the reach or the community that we do without you. From the bottom of my heart and with the utmost respect, I salute you:

David Ben-Jamin - C.O.O., Z≤ Track Days
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General Menace
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You are all welcome. You all deserve it.

Thanks for sharing my two wheel life.
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dirty birdy
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Brings me great joy to read this thread.
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