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Mmmmm... Merlins.

I had reason to stop by Jack Roush's workshop in Livonia, MI (outside Detroit) awhile ago. This beauty was parked in the lot:

It apparently has a Merlin in the engine bay, and was brought over to Roush for the rebuild. Not sure how many planes Jack has, but he was big into Pylon racing for awhile.

I sure would love to see/hear this boat flying across the water!

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Name: Ken
Let's go. Wifey just gave me the ok.
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I think the lowest hourly cost I heard for a P-51 these days was around $2200. Chances are that particular guy had the skills and the tools to do at least some of his own maintenance.



An elderly friend had a P51 ride on his bucket list so in May of 2017 when the Consolidated Air Force was touring with their P51, B24 and B17 and stopped off at Moffet Field for a week, he got a 1 hour ride for $2400. There is also a small airport just north of Sears Point raceway that offers P51 rides for $1600 for about 45 minutes too.
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Mike T
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Name: Mikey
Bump for something that sounds awesome!

Maybe one day...even though I'm a helo fan more than fixed wing :P
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