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Best place / way to find a mechanic to pay to look at a bike with me?

I'm gonna be looking at used bikes soon and would love to find a mechanic that I could kick $50 or so* to take a look at them for me.

Thing is, I don't yet know where I'll be looking at bikes, so I wanna wait until I have viewings lined up before I find someone (I don't wanna end up asking an Oakland mechanic to trek out to Santa Cruz or something).

Is there a sort of "Taskrabbit for Mechanics," somewhere online I could go to find mechanic to hire? Or should I just Yelp bike shops in the area and message them for recommendations?

* I'm assuming that's a fair price. Please let me know if it isn't.

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i'd expect to pay an hour's labor which is closer to $100, plus travel time and such.

it'll be cheaper if you can bring the bike to the mechanic.
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For $50 you get a $50 mech.

That's the guy who has to travel an hour to get there, and hour back, and look at your bike. What do you want? Someone who does the best job, or the cheapest?

By the way, pre purchase inspections are no guarantee at all that the bike is fine. They are just a way to look for possible problems. As the motor ( typically the most expensive problems) is enclosed, it's not possible to "look at it" other than to pretty much say: "Yup, has motor. No loud noises."
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I agree with afm199, a mechanic's inspection can rule out some obvious, deal-killing flaws but it is no guarantee you won't buy a lemon anyway. I would recommend this list

Buying a Bike

for pre-buy inspection, most of which you can do yourself. Also, research the model you are interested in for any known weaknesses and flaws of the bike and check if those had been addressed or ignored. Don't forget to judge the seller, if the seller is organized and meticulous then he probably took care of his bike, if not... well who knows. One caveat is if the wiring harness has been hacked and the electrical system is a rat's nest of mods, walk away.
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