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Originally Posted by View Post
the way I look at it is simple.

the camera is there for YOUR PROTECTION. nothing more.
nobody need to know you have it ,
I run a dash cam in all my cars and my mom's car too, nobody know but me and any very keen observer that might notice the camera, but we all know 99% of the people driving don't even pay attention to what's right in front of them, they won't notice the tiny cam in your cars.

as for the cam on my bike, it mounted in the center of the handle bar, it can be removed with one hand in a few seconds and slipped into my jacket pocket without the fuzz even noticinf, that's my plan if I get pulled over with it at least.
Somehow I find shoving crap in your pockets as the cop walks up, could be troublesome...
If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there.
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Well so far, every officer that I've come across (even when I'm splitting lanes with them) haven't said a word about having a helmet cam while riding. I think the majority of them probably see it as an asset for the biker. That is, unless you have some bad riding habits where the cam might work against you.
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You get pulled over a lot??
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So, I noticed a bit too much sky showing on my helmet cam footage, so I lowered the angle one notch. Now the speedo is in view most of the time, just at the bottom of the frame, the key too, but I also get a better view of the rearviews, which I like...

I figure, if I get pulled over there is a reason and I bet that will generally be the topic scope, not something else. I feel that if I was in an accident, the footage of other rides/times on the tape would be used against me. The speedo is very clear with large numbers, but it is off a bit, and it gets more off at the high end. Doubling or tripling the speed limit is probably a bad thing to do. But I ride safe at all times. That's a subjective thing, speed is not, but they are often mutually exclusive. No way can I be safe and ride the speed limit most of the time. Without the numbers, it's hard to estimate speed. Makes me reconsider what I'm recording.

I think I would prefer both front and rear views permanently installed with the lights behind the lenses.

Whatever happens, I'll take my lumps as they come.
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Riddle me this.
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Originally Posted by bojangle View Post
The police could seize a camera and get a search warrant to review the contents if they had probable cause to believe it contained evidence of a violation. That's just not going to happen for infractions, and possible, but less likely for misdemeanors. Felony cases and fatalities...probably.

The police can't just legally look through the contents of the camera/video at the scene without the owner's consent or other lawful reason, like parole, PRCS supervised release, or searchable probation. If they did an illegal search, the evidence would be fruit of the poisonous tree, and should be inadmissible in court.

I'd say, overall, there isn't much to worry about for the average rider and the benefits of having a camera outweigh the potential risks, IMO.

I have a dashcam in my car, and always ride with a camera recording on my helmet. I have zero fear of any of it being used against me for criminal proceedings.
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