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Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: Oklahoma
Motorcycles: 1991 YZR500
Name: Dick
WTB Lucky Strike, MC28 Repsol, TZR-SP

Hello all, I am looking for the following bikes and have Cash, $100.00 bills, dead presidents or a two party, post dated out of state check numbered 01, whichever You prefer.
I hope to find and purchase 100% Stock OEM examples but will purchase modified, non stock that can be put back to stock.
Please PM me or, post here a way to contact you and I will get in touch with you.
Here is what I'm actively looking for:

'96 RGV Lucky Strike "V or T" VJ23
'96 & '97 RGV-SP's

'91, '92, '93 & '94 TZR250SP's, will look at SPR triple YPVS.

'90+ MC21 NSR250SE
'93+ MC28 NSR250SP Especially looking for a Repsol MC28

Richard Dunkin

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