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Originally Posted by Reli View Post
Really? Wonder how they do that.
Lenses. Same way humans have been focusing light for hundreds of years.
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I'll have to wait probably 10 years before these helmets ever get put into more than one size. Us round heads will never get to use one.
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Too much lean angle...
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"Unfortunately, it will only be made available in Japan and not until 2020 with no price yet." per

Guess I'll buy that Neotec 2 after all.
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I see 4 lights!

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Originally Posted by dittoalex View Post
That illustrates one of the biggest flaws in smart helmets. Reli got it right, mount the phone/gps.

The image shows the rider and it divides up the field of view and then tries to point to separate fields of vision. It also assumes that the information provided by a smart helmet is a constant need. I don't know about others but maps and directions are something referred to not constantly looked at. Basically what it seems like smart helmet makers are trying to do it treat riding a motorcycle like driving a car but the needs and demands upon the rider are vastly different for each.

When you mount a phone or GPS you get to choose where it is located. Some stick them higher up, some to one side and some lower and centered. The big difference is that in each case the rider doesn't have to look at it. Take the lower and centered position as in the illustration. Other than when referring to the map it's not visible and therefore doesn't reduce the field of view or vision. If there is a malfunction with the device it doesn't intrude and distract the rider either. That can't be said of the smart helmet because without turning it off it is always on and in your face.

You can't look away from the smart helmet HUD. When you ride, does your head stay looking straight ahead or does it do the swivel and look around for hazards and such? With a mounted device if you do that, when you look around the display doesn't follow you. With the HUD you can't get away from it.

While the HUD might be able to be moved to display at different parts of the view who is going to do that while riding? Riding a motorcycle is such an individual thing that trying to shoehorn in tech borrowed from cars seems troublesome and counter productive. One day they might figure out how to actively control the HUB based on rider needs but until then it's just the "it works in a car so lets stick it in a helmet" thing. I know, pilots have them but when drivers and riders have as much training and proficiency as they do, go for it.

I sure hope too much tech doesn't take the fun out of riding. While I don't engage in the activity, with some bikes you need to push a frigging button to do a wheelie or slide the back end. Imagine that.

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