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Slip-On Exhaust input request

Hey Guys,

EDIT: More complicated than I originally thought because of shipping restrictions to CA but I did find out from someone that used to run a track day org that Thunderhill is pretty lax on their DB restriction and if I don't get a shorty two brothers or something, I'll probably be ok.

I just did a track day at Thunderhill and low-sided in turn 14. I hardly scratched up my suit and the bike is basically perfect... but the exhaust got a bit squished and the mount for it broke. The Carters folks helped me safety wire the exhaust in place and go back out which was awesome but I don't want to take the chance in the future that the bike doesn't pass tech with a crumpled exhaust. So I'm looking at slip-ons and have found that the descriptions don't include decibel ratings or anything.

Can anyone recommend a cheaper slip-on (hoping for less than 350 if I can get away with it) for an 05 GSXR 750 that isn't huge (the Leo Vance ones look pretty massive) but also won't be too loud for Thunderhill/Buttonwillow?

I know they're pretty lax on the sound limitations but they do have one and again, I don't want to take the chance that I'll get kicked out cause I'm too loud. I know they make silencer inserts but based on some of the reviews they're more of an after thought often requiring drilling through the slip-on or something. I'd like to avoid that and also just not spend the extra money if I don't need to.


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