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CA Cycleworks - Ducati Gas Tank

I ordered their replacement tank for my Mutistrada as it is made from a material that doesn't expand with ethanol. It took about two years after I received it (2017) before I had a service done (2019) and asked the shop to replace it. Turned out the tank fit like shit and they (reputable Ducati shop) ended up changing around $400+ to install it (would have cost more to swap back).

I pretty much wrote it off since I waited 2 years and the tank is mounted on the bike. Ran across my order email the other day and decided to give them an update. Basically that I was disappointed and the fitment was horrible. They asked me to follow up so I sent some pictures and detailed explanation. Here is their response:

Hi G...,

Ah, I see. The tray under the passenger seat was totally my fault for not realizing it needed to have the back of the tank cut in... so by making the design there more simple (while adding a few ounces of capacity) I caused the interference of the tray.

The other alignment issues would have delayed the project a lot longer so it has to be "good enough". It simply isn't going to throw itself at the bike and install easily, definitely in agreement there. :-(

I'm sorry,

CA Cycleworks
P: 619/501-2466
I mean hey, who expects their parts to actually fit!

Seriously. Fuck those guys. And FWIW, they moved to Georgia several years back

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My friend has a cal cycle works tank on his Hypermotard. Its 6 gallons now which really helps on that bike. It fit pretty good

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Yeah, I'd heard good things about CA Cycleworks, specifically the Hyper tank. After I bought the Multi tank but before I had it mounted I remember hearing a BARFer bitching about some aftermarket Multistrada tank. So far as I know this is the only company making an after market tank, and the point in posting this is to make sure nobody else is surprised by their "good enough" fit

Should have taken pics at the shop when they were pointing things out, but these are what I sent. In one pic you can see the tank is pushed back as far as it'll go on right side frame stop.

The real problem is illustrated in the second photo. On a normal MTS the front upper fairing would line even with or even slightly forward of where the lower fairing meets the tank. In this case you can see the lower fairing had to be moved forward, and this doesn't line up with any of the OEM mounting holes. Furthermore the forks will hit the tank at full steering lock. So the fact their tank doesn't fit makes it complete waste of time. Better off finding a factory tank and getting the caswall coating

edit: Keep in mind, their tank is advertised at the same capacity as the stock tank. The ONLY reason they made these were because the expansion and fitment issues of stock tanks due to ethanol fuel.
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