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Name: Budman
Loretta Lynn's Ranch hammered by flash flooding

From the AMA:

Loretta Lynn’s Ranch Devastated by Flash Flooding
The AMA and the entire motorcycle community are saddened by loss of life and property at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch and the surrounding community, which was a result of flash flooding that occurred when the area received a reported 17 inches of rain in 24 hours.

“After 40 years of holding the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at the Loretta Lynn Ranch,” said AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman, “we were deeply saddened to see the devastation at the ranch, but even more heartbroken to hear of the loss of the ranch’s foreman, Wayne Spears, and many others in the area as a result of flash flooding. Our thoughts are with the Lynn family and the entire community during this distressing time.”

“The local community surrounding the Lorretta Lynn Ranch has been helpful and supportive to the motocross racing efforts there in Hurricane Mills, and the motorcycle community will be there for them as they work to rebuild after this tragedy,” Dingman added.

That sucks... so many people impacted by the storms.
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I can't add much to what you've already said, Bud.
Epic bummer on multiple fronts.
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You must be fast because I was hauling ass when I passed you.

Rich Cox
I miss you Rich.
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Name: Heather
I was listening to an interview on NPR with a local sheriff in TN yesterday morning. Initially I assumed it was going to be some macho b.s. red-neck thing. After answering the interviewer's questions in a fairly flat tone, he then recounted how his team had tried to save a woman clinging to a pole who was lost after getting knocked off the pole by a floating refrigerator or something. It sounded like the guy was just gutted, and I realized why he'd sounded a little zombie-like earlier. The interviewer didn't seem to be expecting that and there was a tiny pause. Even I found myself a little breathless, not anticipating to hear him tell us how one person had probably died (I don't think they know what's happened to her.) That really hit home for me.

Wishing all those affected by the floods in every way the best. My heart goes out to you.
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easy wind

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X18 in TN. it"s alot of sadness for a small town
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