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Getting there.
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Fine, don't answer.

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Originally Posted by norcalkeith View Post
Don't cut the branches off of the stock; hang the entire plant. (Like a christmas tree.) Science experiment time. Many people trim/dry/cure differently, I just happen to be right about it.*

Kinda like vine ripened tomatoes or's always better to leave it attached for as long as possible.

*This doesn't necessarily apply for growers who process their plants into extract, but that's a whole different ballgame entirely.

Jordan, what genetics do you run? Are you still playing with autoflowers? If so, that's another reason as you have ruderalis genes in the plants. Also, many clones that are sold in shops aren't the real McCoy/are F2/3/4 versions of the elite clone-only.

For reference people should be seeking out good breeders such as Bodhi Seeds, Serious Seeds, DJ Short, among others.
Ahh OK, I'll try with the next plant. I had heard it's best not to have any overlap/touching between buds, to minimize mold possibility.
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