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Updated the original thread.
A superior rider uses superior judgment to avoid situations that require superior skill.

Originally Posted by DataDan View Post
Be resilient. After an unpleasant surprise or close call, get your head back in the game quickly. Learn whatever lesson you can and move on.
Originally Posted by cardinal03 View Post
The panties. Unbunch them.
Occam's Razor: The simplest explanation tends to be the right one.
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Originally Posted by Enchanter View Post
Here, let me help you....

Originally Posted by Enchanter View Post
Zora, after Belgian born American engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov.

Her ears are the same size, the right one is just slightly droopy at the tip.

From start to finish Hearts for Paws really took care of us. Can't say enough good things about the entire event / process.

Originally Posted by Enchanter View Post
Pic 1: Halfway thru a meal and we see the first signs of food coma as she goes from standing to crouching.

Pic 2: She tried hard, but passed out and fell into the bowl.
Originally Posted by Enchanter View Post
Well, she’s gained 5lbs since she joined us. Her personality is very apparent. Basic training is taking place.

I can’t get a good read on her. Not sure she likes me. She might just be bringing me closer for the kill.
Originally Posted by Enchanter View Post
Zora is doing quite well for a 4mo old pup.

She’s got the basics down: sit, stay, come, bring me your toy (she knows 3 by individual names), hasn't peed inside for a few weeks. She’s accepted the feeding routine of sitting until she’s told to eat. In fact we don’t even have to say ‘sit, stay’ anymore. When she see’s us preparing her food she just plops on her butt and waits for ‘OK’ before approaching her bowl. She hasn’t damaged or destroyed anything except for chewing through one harness. We’re always watching her and know she could get into anything though.

She’s quite affectionate for a malinois and loves to snuggle with us.

It was fun to see her grow from chasing me from behind, to leading me as I ran, to taking shortcuts, to taking a different route to catch me.

Your views on any given subject are the sum of the media that you take in, scaled to the weight of the credibility of the source that provides it, seen through a lens of your own values, goals, and achievements.

Ego is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

Wheel horsepower is just crank horsepower after taxes.
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OMG she's perfect!
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Treat a feral woman with respect, once trust is earned she may start bringing you food.
Originally Posted by atoyf View Post
DMV test is not there to teach or prove you can ride the bike, it is there to prove that you can control the bike.
Melissa"everyone does have issues, it is what makes us all so very interesting. Psychoanalysis however could be left to the professionals."
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Super cutie!
I would hit it so hard, whoever pulled me out would be king of England. -MrIncredible

Being a bit of a dick is one thing. Being an ever-enduring cocksicle is another. -Hundo

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Started researching leash attachments for my bike to safely exercise my young pit mix foster (he's more a hunter than a retriever, not coordinated enough to catch a frisbee or ball like my dog, d'oh). Anyway, in the process, came across videos of "bikejoring" and am now, of course, hooked on watching doggos run. Go,go,go! Check out the Mal they race half way through this vid! Something for the adorbz youngster above to get training in maybe?
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