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two wheel tramp
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Name: Triple R
WTB: MK6 TDI Jetta wagon, six speed manual

If it's not a 2010-2014 TDI, and manual (with three pedals!), and a wagon, I am not interested.

Open to different exterior colors but want a beige interior. Clean title very important as well as good service records. Panoramic roof I can take or leave. Heated seats are a must.

I bought a Jetta last Monday, a very fine specimen, and 24 hours later it was SMASHED by an uninsured driver. I need to get a replacement. Not above a fly and drive. Modifications okay as long as it doesn't look like a 17 year old boy who went bonkers with mom's old car.

What have you got? Mileage, location, pics are appreciated.
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