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That’s the ticket right there a salvage title is nothing to fear if you have someone who knows what they’re doing looking out for you.
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Originally Posted by atoyf View Post
DMV test is not there to teach or prove you can ride the bike, it is there to prove that you can control the bike.
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again, thanks for the truck leads!
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Rangers are pretty solid and cheap to maintain. Avoid the SOHC 4.0 until 2002, I think that motor had a lot of issues.

Both the 2.3 and the 4.0 V6 are extremely reliable otherwise. Both are slow, if you're hauling I'd get the 4.0

I have a '95 with a 4.0 V6. It runs well but it's not enjoyable to drive by any means.

I think in due time I will switch it out for a Nissan Titan. Those trucks seem to be pretty good value and fairly reliable also.

When I was shopping around looked at older Toyota trucks but they are extremely beat up. If they aren't, they are incredibly expensive.
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can also look for a cheap mazda 3 hatchback, flip the seat down and load that baby up. not quite as easy as a pickup, but for bags of mulch and soil, you don't really need the length of a truck bed - and you can lock stuff up easier
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Tony on SFBAM (facebook) just listed a 2007 Tacoma for $7k
Chronic fixer. Message me if you'd like me to fix something of yours
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