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Old 10-10-2018, 12:09 AM   #1
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Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: Oakland
Motorcycles: Kawasaki Ninja 500R-Velorex 562, Derbi GPR50
Name: Luca
Lightbulb Smalltime Crook "took" the bike after a partial deposit and never came back

He paid me 2/3 of deposit, due to my work schedule I did not feel like taking off a day just for him to come back to pick up the bike, so I let him take the bike when I took the deposit. I do have the title, a sales agreement (including he must paid within 48 hours after taking the bike), all messaging texts, and phone log, and all his contact info.

He was dumb enough to leave his real personal info behind, including his girlfriend's.

Should I:
1. File small claims court? If so which amount should I demand (in addition to legal and serving expense) ?
a. the rest of the deposit b. full agreed upon amount as deposit is now forfeit
c. listed price on the ad d. highest bidding price by other potential buyers or e. kb value.

Keep in mind that I have no idea the condition of the bike now, so it could be valueless (maybe he crashed it, or stole some crucial parts).

2. Call up you guys since this is amount of stealing, ie, grand theft auto? Will I receive a compensation since I no longer have any idea the state of the
motorcycle? See him in jail but receive no compensation, even have the motorcycle recovered but not knowing what sort of stuff was taken out of the bike, does not help me.

The truth is the remaining amount is small. I just find it amusing that for around $500 he was willing to do such a thing, or at least he should have used a fake name and a fake, non-local, address. I would rather miss retrieving the money he owed than missing work. But then again, why not ask for advice?
Have Pole, Will Crash. SMRCC 91
Derbi GPR50; Garelli Gransport LTD, Kawasaki Ninja 500R-Velorex

Aprilia Scarabeo; ATM-Polini; BMW 75/6-IZH Sputnik; Benelli D-150; Derbi GPR50RR; Garelli Monza GT; Gilera 124cc 5v Strada; Honda MB5(2), Nighthawk 250, CM450, CX500 Trike, CB750F-Watsonian, Goldwing-Vetter Terraplane, ST1100-Champion Escort; Jawa 350TS-Velorex 562; Kawasaki Concours, ZX-6R, AR50; Kreidler MP-9; Vittorazzi-Polini; Yamaha XS1100-Kenna, SRX250, FJR1300, YSR50.
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