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Old 03-21-2004, 03:55 PM   #1

Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: merced
Motorcycles: cruisers
Wanted Under 500cc Bike!! 1500cash!!!!

I am looking for a small bike to learn to ride on, i will pay cash for a 250cc rebel, virago,route 66, or GZ. Cosmetics dont matter it can have a dent or bad paint, that can be fixed, i just need to learn to ride before the end of summer. I have 1500 cash but i also need to cover TTL which can be up to 400, but as low as 200 depending on what is written on the DMV title transfer for payment. I have a couple offers for 650 on a rebel but it would need a few hundred in repairs. I want to spend at most 800 on the bike to allow TTL and insurance coverage, if you have a virago, rebel, route 66, or a GZ and are looking for cash immediately and need to sell, please notify me. Year and cosmetics dont matter as long as it runs. $650-800 CASH!!!!! I wanted a 250cc to learn on however if you have a bike such as a kawasaki KZ400 and want to sell quickly please contact me ASAP!! It doesnt have to be 250cc just less than 500 so i dont kill myself trying to learn, I need a bike and will pay cash and pick the bike up and pay in cash at time of pick up. I need a bike before summer and am willing to pay a good amount.
email me if you want to sell a bike quickly! I live in merced but am willing to travel far and wide for a good price on a good bike. Year and cosmetics dont matter as long as it runs!
Remember when sex was safe and motorcycles were dangerous?
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