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Any Google Voice gurus out there?

Before moving to the Land of Oz I had Google Fi, and that continued to work well even after the move. But after a year or so Google got tired of giving me data roaming at the US rate, and I gave up on Fi and switched to a local SIM and cellular plan.

For several reasons I still needed my US number, so that was moved to Google Voice. Hangouts worked for calling and texting via the internet at my end, though a bit glitchy.

Now Google has announced termination of Hangouts support for Google Voice, effective early next year. I think what that means is GV will do nothing useful unless it's linked to a "real" US phone number and that a mere app to replace Hangouts will not do. Is that true?

I did get a phone number from Skype and linked that to GV. The voice aspect of that works but, oddly, GV will not send text messages to the Skype number. It's an option in the settings but it's greyed out. What might the rules for that be? It doesn't matter much because GV can also forward SMS to email, but I'd like to understand.

Thanks for any insight.
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