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Free Product for R&D Bike loan

Very sorry for the somewhat commercial nature of this message.
We are looking to borrow a (insert bike) in our R&D department for
new product development. We're located in Hollister, California and
if you can arrange to loan us your bike for 3-4 weeks, you get the
product we design for free. There are openings now. If you're
interested, just private message me.

Thanks Joe D.
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I’m interested, but want a little more info. Will your R&D include riding the bike?
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Lol you forgot to mention what bike you're looking for from your copypasta.
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This again? Maybe if you provided enough info for people to make a Denison, someone would volunteer. I know Iím not gonna give up my bike for a month, when I donít know your business name, product, insurance or usage of my bike.
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Hello yes I have an (insert bike) and am interested in your offer. Please send me information on where to send my (insert bike) for my free product.


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Itís Corbin looking for bikes to make new seats for. There is a list of needed bikes on their site.
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