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New Rider Intro

Hey everyone.

New rider here - just finished my class at got my DL 389. Waiting for it in the mail so I can pass my written and get my M1. Rode a little bit of dirt as a kid but this will be first time riding street. Planning to do lots more practice before doing much besides riding around the neighborhood.

Fully committed and have sold off my car because parking in San Francisco is a nightmare.

Been creeping in the for sale section and frequent r/motorcylces on reddit.

Mainly interested in sportbikes - I think dual sports and Harley's are pretty ugly (no offense!). The challenge is I'm 6'3''/240lbs (will be around 200lbs within a year). Obviously not ready for a R1000 or something that big.

Any advice from riders of similar proportions welcome - unless that advice is to get a dual sport. Don't want to hear it
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I hate quads
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Name: Derp

Welcome aboard.
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Name: John A.

Kawasaki makes the fastest/best sport bikes!

The people at Moto Java and SF Moto are nice ...
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Name: Mark
Welcome. Living and riding in SF is a whole different beast than anywhere else. Be safe out there!
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Name: George

Keep in mind the purpose of your first bike: to be easy to learn to ride on.

Someone your size, I would recommend the 650 twins from Kawasaki and Suzuki or the FZ07 from Yamaha. Buy a used, inexpensive, predropped but mechanically sound one of those. Ride it for 6-12 months then buy something else. You can probably sell it for what you paid for it.

Lots of advantages for this route. No disadvantages.
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Join Date: Sep 2018
Location: San Francisco
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Thanks, everyone!
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