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I always make sure I have an extra full tank of Propane for the BBQ. Nice to be able to cook the stuff in the freezer that will go bad otherwise.

I also keep a bottle of Tequila in the kit in case we need to fight someone!
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Name: nope site:

Use this website to discover the hazards that exist in your area and learn how to reduce your risk! Remember, the best way to recover from disasters is by reducing the risks before a disaster strikes.

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Originally Posted by afm199 View Post
Buy a bunch of canned tuna. It's not that tasty but it will keep you fed for a while. Flashlight and battery radio. Those things alone will keep you going for a week or two.
pro-tip for the tuna diet - bbq sauce. that shit has preservatives for days. it shouldn't spoil easily and makes tuna quite tasty. plus, easy calories.

one of these would be clever to pick up, too. i have the Eton which can charge electronics via USB. assuming power only out for our area but cell towers still working is a long shot but hey...

i need a gun.
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When using a fully stocked motorhome with water, mres , and canned food as a earthquake kit be sure and hide a set of keys on the rig so if the house is flat as a pancake you can still motor out of there when the FEMA cops are red tagging everything and the regular cops are beating folks with their nightsticks and yelling you can't go in your own house/rubble to find your keys...
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water........ lots of water........ when the Hayward fault busts loose and the pipeline is severed it may be awhile.
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water purification tablets. Lots of canned food, a couple of can openers one to use as backup. Radio and extra batteries, CB, extra gasoline for the jeep/quads. Worse case scenario you can take the quads into the hills and hunt for meet. propane bottles filled, hurricane lamps and extra kerosene.

When the blackout hit SD we had filled the jeep up the night before so we weren't worried about it but a lot of people got stranded because all the pumps were down.
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How were the major roads in and out of the Bay Area after Loma?
Say I wanted to bug out to the Sierras, are the roads a clusterfuck for days afterwards?

Of course it depends on the severity of the EQ, the location and extent of the damage, if the bridges are intact, etc. but just for general traffic's sake, what was it like to get out of town soon afterwards? is it like the day before Thanksgiving with everyone trying to get somewhere or were the roads deserted as everyone hunkered down?
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Bay Arean
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Somebody said water purification tablets. Bleach will do as well. 2-3 drops a gallon? Wait 30 minutes, somethin' like that. I watch those survivy shows on Friday nights and they were drinkin' pond water or sumthin after they found bleach. Seems like you could put a bottle of bleach in the lowest place of your property, even buried...or find some in the debris.
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I got mom a old CB from the thrift store with 12 volt backup battery set up that can talk to my house 15 miles away. Shes in her seventies and still can drop that maul, seriously though, a way to check in on loved ones when the net and phones are down.

Heres a site you can test your signal at a couple different Bay Area base stations usally channel 17

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Here's useful tip
If there's a big quake try to save yourself loved one and pets before you post about the quake on barf
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Wanted to mention that replacing any battery powered items with hand crank items is a good idea, or maybe in addition to. They're annoying to use because the caps in them are too small, but they can be priceless if you don't have batteries. Also, being that they're little generators, they may be a good starting point for hacking to charge other items. Of course, everything needs fuel to operate, so hand cranking for an hour won't be much fun if you haven't eaten for a few days.
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For those that sleep in the buff, it's seriously advisable to have a robe near by. In case it starts getting shakey you don't want to have to wake up the kids and get stuff going in the nude.

Ask me how this one came up.

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I have multiple Go-Bags laying around, each one usually has some form of Quik Clot/Rudimentary Medkit, Matches sealed in Wax, Firestarter, Canister filled with Vasaline coated lint, Knife, Notebook and usually enough space to fit a couple "high capacity" magazines for a couple firearms.

Food and water are stored in other containers, my Go-Bags are generally built for quick evac, everything else can be picked up at a later time once I figure a building is cleared for reentry or I feel the need to go all Fallout Scavenger.
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A few good online resources:
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I posted this info in another thread, but thought it was worth reposting again. You can buy premade kits at this bay area based business/web site. I bought several and pretty happy with them.

I also like the water is smaller containers, see below. I used to have five 10 gallon water bottles in the garage, but switched because I feel these would survive a big quake better and last 5 years.
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