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About "Storms" and "Scooters"...

About “Storms” and “Scooters”...

Lots always seems to happen when close to a City... rule of thumb, right?
The idea was to head out for a ride, but seeing scooters after scooters... well, it just did not happen... we stopped, talked and end up following them to their 7th Annual Rally spot!
They were from all over the World, England... Japan... just about all the cities in the USA.
And I was in the middle of it, 4 times their size... that’s the rig mind you.
It took up most of the day... so no sunsets or no sunrise pictures today!
What a break! I’ll make up for it soon... promise!
This was before the storm that caused evacuating Red Rock Canyon... what a night!
Enjoy the Blog...

Ara & Spirit


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