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Cacti needles are sharp.......
I'm looking for 1970 or older project like a CB350 or Triumph 650. Cheap and complete. PM me if you have something - will provide it a good home.

If you think me being naked is offensive, dont look!

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Originally Posted by ScottRNelson View Post
Yeah, I've learned from sand riding that you don't really steer, you just give the bike hints with body position side to side about where you want to go and it sort of goes in that general direction. You definitely have to be up on the pegs in this loose stuff.
Kind of like riding a stand up Jet Ski. It will get easier at about 50 MPH.
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I'd hit that... Looks fun.
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Get a quad, it'll eat that up no problem and make a huge dust cloud while it's at it =P

Whatever you do don't stop in front of it or in it.
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