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Originally Posted by R3DS!X View Post
I hope the silver lining form all this is that they change the standards and practice as to how recovered a rider must be before being allowed back on track.
It took the loss of Sena to really change the safety measures in F1 but I don't think we've had a death since.

Injuries are going to happen in GP, that is mostly unavoidable. Certainly thought there should be change for when they are allowed back into racing.
In all fairness, the riders have been given tremendous support and control over racing conditions, and the tracks are much, much safer than they used to be. God, the old tracks were all trees, Armco, and hills to run into. At Nurburgring I saw Sterling Moss get out of his car and climb down out of the tree it was lodged in. (Not quite the same, but the idea remains.)

But yeah, this is a scandal and a huge one. MM has probably lost his career due to shit medical advice and laxity from Dorna activities.
That's not true! The lie is actually the truth! I know. Lots of people know this.
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