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You guys have made me think about mine stalling too. My scrambler does die at lights too, until I get it "stinking hot" from startup, then runs fine. I don't think about it anymore, not an issue.
The carbs have been tuned by the original owner, I bought it in '12
It is tuned so well, I never use the choke/enrichener

We are entering a time that has traditionally been a stalling issue.
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Originally Posted by East Bay Mike View Post
Yea, they said they let the bike “warm up for 20 minutes”. I had no clue how to respond to that. No one warms a bike up for 20 minutes, it needs to be tested in real works conditions. Maybe that was a hard reset method?
Definitely referring to the hard reset. It's like rebooting - sets all the parameters back to somewhere good. Specifically- start the bike from cold by only touching the start button, no throttle at all. Let it idle until the fan comes on and then 12 minutes after that. The fan may come back on from time to time and definitely don't let it overheat if it looks like it's going that way, but afterwards your problems might be gone.

I would assume that the dealer would have done all the things I suggested, including a hard reset as described as well as a reset with the Triumph tool.
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Throttle Position sensor TPS is my best guess. It is a potentiometer like a old style volume control on a radio. You may be familiar with what happens when the Volume control starts messing up. Start to hear crackling sounds when adjusting the volume.
Also could the TBS sync is out adjustment. Causing A/F mapping leaning out too much at idle.
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This may sound crazy, but I had a 2007 BMW R1200S that had a stalling when coming to a stop problem. Turns out it was common with that specific bike and it was due to a bad clutch microswitch. I tested it by swapping it with the front brake switch and sure enough the problem stopped. This was after talking to a dealer who was trying to troubleshoot it on another bike and had already replaced fuel injectors, TPS, etc. with no luck.

After a quick google I have found another account of someone having this problem with a speed triple as well. Might at least be worth a try to ask the dealer to put a new clutch switch in and see if it magically fixes things. I know it makes no sense, but these computerized bikes can have strange gremlins.
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Originally Posted by kuksul08 View Post
The only bike I've had that stalled all the time when coming to a stop was my Hypermotard. As soon as I removed the charcoal canister, it never again stalled - not even once.

When you fill the gas tank, do you fill it to the brim? If you do, it will overflow and fill up the canister. Then you get a rush of gas in the intake that can cause it to flame out at idle speeds. At least that was my theory.

Might be a quick and easy test to plug the lines from the canister to the throttle bodies and see if it keeps stalling.
same here...I removed the canister and turned up the idle problems since
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