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Name: Doc
ADV/DS ride Lake Berryessa/Knoxville OHV/Rayhouse Rd.

We schedule this ride on the second Sunday every month...same meet up place, same meet up time...pending weather.

Informal ride to Lake Berryesa and access to the 17,700 acre Knoxville OHV area. Convenient meetup point is less than 1 hour from San Francisco or Sacramento.

Fear not! This is not hard-core dirt bike riding and knobbies are not required to ride this jeep trail. So it is okay if you do not have a dual-sport or ADV bike. All are welcome but you should feel comfortable riding your bike in the dirt (or wet pavement). Link to riding tips.

For the truly adventurous looking for a challenge: We've seen this terrain handled comfortably on H-D Sportsters, a V-strom with Passenger, a Ural with side car, a FZ6, vintage Triumph Bonnevilles, and sports bikes (See Sjaak Lucassen on an R1: )

NOTE: This is an INFORMAL RIDE. There is no assigned lead or sweep.

For those that would like to join the ride but skip the dirt portion of the route, you have the option of continuing to Lower Lake on CA-29.

Hardcore dirt riders on plated dirt bikes/lightweight DS: Explore the single track around Knoxville OHV heading West (Jerusalem Grade to Hidden Valley Lake off CA-29)... you will be challenged: a Trials bike with a 4-gal tank may be more appropriate...

Gas stops are sparse on this route (80 miles to Cache Creek Casino refuel point, ~160 miles round trip) so please have a full tank of gas when you arrive at Starbucks.

So if you're feeling adventurous to join this ride, meet us at 8:45am.



4470 Central Way Ste 100
Fairfield, CA 94534

Ample parking around meetup point, CP1 or CP2 if you truck/trailer in.
KSU at 9:00am (Adjust clock for DST)

Route: Test your navigation skills and route planning. Set up your GPS waypoints and roadbook reader, and navigate your way through the described route.
Originally Posted by mtbjeff View Post
.gpx download

Link to Rallye/Raid navigation instructions
Link to GPS Coordinates converter
Additional .gpx Tracks courtesy of Catfish

Head North on Suisun Valley Rd to Rt-121 Wooden Valley Rd to Rt-128 Cappell Valley Rd (N 38 26.764 W 122 11.767) to Berryessa Knoxville Rd. (West side of Lake Berryessa) for the multiple stream crossings.

Morgan Valley Rd. to the South Entrance of the Knoxville OHV area (N 38 49.019 W 122 21.182). Turn left into Knoxville Devil's Head Rd. then follow signs to "Lower Camp" (N 38 48.518 W 122 22.502).

Bored? Take a dip at the waterfall 1/2 mile SW of Lower Camp (N 38 48.157 W 122 23.170). Camping is Free in Knoxville OHV and Cache Creek.

Head North out of "Lower Camp" on Jeep Trail to "Upper Camp"/Staging Area and back onto Morgan Valley Rd. Knoxville OHV Trail Map

Instead of heading to Lower Lake: Find the mysterious Rd-40!

Morgan Valley Rd. East on (N 38 52.524 W 122 25.445) Reiff Rd./County Rd 140A/Rayhouse Rd./Rd 40 all the way to CA-16 at Cache Creek Regional Park.

Refuel at Cache Creek Casino (N 38 44.070 W 122 08.639) on CA-16 if necessary.

Return the way we came to maximize off-road time and stay off the boring slab.

If you'd like to do a longer ride with 40mph+ to WOT dirt: From Cache Creek go 5.2 miles South on CA-16 to Rumsey (Directions), turn East on Rd-41 (N 38 53.362 W 122 14.358 ) to Williams.

An all day ride would continue on CA-20 to Leesville Rd./Lodoga Rd to Bartlett Springs Rd. or Stonyford and Mendocino NF. Link to Map.

Datum is WGS84

A few maps, pics, videos of the off-road route. courtesy of: SFMCjohn, Excite-Bike, energizer26

Berryessa Knoxville Rd
water crossings at 0:44 and 0:52

Morgan Valley Rd. to Knoxville OHV
(Check out 2:30 on this one!)

Knoxville OHV Lower Camp to Morgan Valley Rd.

Reiff Rd:

Rayhouse Rd. to Cache Creek:

Return trip: Cache Creek to 'Crossroads'

BARF Thread from previous rides: Feedback, pics, videos, opinions.

Stragglers: For those that can't get up at O Dark thirty in the morning... isn't that the reason Starbucks follows the word 'Beyond'? Try to catch us on the way:

First checkpoint: intersection of CA-121 and CA-128 (Poser's AKA Crossroads: N 38 26.764 W 122 11.767) ~ 9:45AM (depending on how fast we strafe CA-121.)

Second checkpoint: South Entrance to Knoxville OHV on Devilshead Rd. off Morgan Valley Rd, (N 38 49.019 W 122 21.182) ~ 10:30AM if no one drowns in the several water crossings on the Northend of Lake Berryessa. Chance to empty bladder and suck in the fresh air... and for the posers to excuse themselves by staying on the slab to make Lower Lake for lunch.

Third checkpoint: Reiff Rd./Rd-40 and Morgan Valley Rd. (N 38 52.524 W 122 25.445) Probably 12 Noon. Had enough dirt? break off and head out on slab.

Fourth checkpoint: Cache Creek Bridge in Cache Creek Regional Park (N 38 54.518 W 122 18.704) off CA-16. 1:00PM Ditto: Had enough dirt? break off and head out on slab. Hint: The fast route back is through the dirt you just came from.

Usually back at Start point by 3:30PM

GPS, SPOT, Camelback, and Camera highly recommended. Brown bag lunch if you prefer.

Weather: forecast Rains 48 hrs. prior to KSU cancels events due to flooding and muddy trails.

•All vehicles must be street licensed or have a current off-highway vehicle registration (green or red sticker)
•All vehicles must be equipped with a properly installed muffler and a U.S. Forest Service approved spark arrester.
•All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) operators must wear a D.O.T. approved safety helmet.
•No operator of an all-terrain vehicle may carry a passenger when operating on public lands. However, the operator of an all-terrain vehicle, that is designed for operation off of the highway by an operator with no more than one passenger, may carry a passenger when operating on public lands. (CVC 38506).
•Please respect our neighbors and stay out of private land.
•Yield the right of way to pedestrians, horses or bicycles.
•All roads and trails in the area have two-way traffic. Be alert and always stay to the right-hand side.
•Please stay on designated trails. Avoid cutting switchbacks or driving through stream bottoms and wet meadows. Devilhead Road is a county road, therefore only street licensed vehicles are permitted.
•This area is open to hunting year round. Be extremely cautious when riding during peak hunting seasons.

Originally Posted by smm View Post
From the level of interest on Barf, I was expecting 5 or 6 riders and was thus stunned to roll up into a motogp paddock sort of scene at the Fairfield 'bucks.
Originally Posted by horsepower View Post
Couldn't believe how many of you guys were at the bridge today, ready to rock. Looked like an awesome group ride. You were all there one minute, gone the next. Nice pics!

Originally Posted by Titus58 View Post
+1 IN CAN HAPPEN TO YOU. On a previous ride a rider finished his water early, and when we were delayed due to bike mechanical issues in the hot sun, he also started to feel a bit weak and nauseous. Good news was we had extra water which we gave him, as well as making him rest in the shade, and there were three of us...we had to ride out 2up in the end, and he recovered fine - you shoulda seen him down the cold beverages in Clear Lake...we were all parched after the long hot delay...but he was drinking like a horse

I always pack EXTRA water AND electrolyte replacement, which I learned from doing long runs in the heat (Cytomax, gatorade, or tablets) - if you freeze it the night before it's nice and cold when u drink it

and be prepared if you get a flat tire, run out of gas, or have ABS...

Ride Details on Original Post


We've had two flat occur in the history of this ride. palada's BMW F800GS on pavement returning home:
Originally Posted by palada View Post
@ Bonerov: I have your can of fix-a-flat for when I see you next time. I appreciate the help! Embarrassingly enough, I found out my "tubeless" tires have tubes. Should have read the manual instead of the tire.
Tubeless tyre and no plug kit. Bonerov tried a can of Fix-a-Flat, since we only had patch kits for tyre tubes. Unfortunately the puncture was too big; Easy fix if we had a plug kit for tubeless tyres.

The second flat was on a sumo: they had issues trying to seat the bead after the repair: bring 3+ CO2 cartridges.
Originally Posted by DukeD View Post
Great ride once again Drew! even if we did have a flat that wouldn't go away even after installing a new (to the bike) tube that was "guaranteed" to hold air. We ended up having to stop every 30 minutes or so to pump more air into it. Also, a carb fell off one of the bikes after a get off but that got fixed when we were fixing the flat. Thanks to all for the assistance and moral support.

On the July ride: Hugh (KLR) had electrical gremlins with the kickstand and neutral switches. Jim (KLR) and Tim (V-Strom) pushed Hugh's KLR to the Knoxville OHV entrance, locked the bike up, for pick up later. 2-up to Lower Lake on the V-Strom. Lesson Learned: a tow strap!

Best vid (safest method) of using a tow strap. Lead rider: strap held down on right foot peg so your shifter is free. Towed rider (stays on right rear of lead rider): strap held down on left footpeg, shift to neutral, and right foot free to control rear brake. Towed rider controls strap tension with brakes.

Lesson learned: Spend the $4 at the local Auto store for a Slime Tubless tyre plug kit; or if running tubes: a patch kit. Some of the guys bring $10 12V compressors (Slime Tire Top Off) Note: BMWs need an adaptor for the auxilliary powerlet. Any manual bicycle pump with a standard Schrader valve fitting will work; or a few CO2 cartridges.

Breaking the Bead (for Uberbeasts with tubeless tyres):

Other notes: Many of the riders 'air down' when they get to the dirt sections. ~15psi for DS (<300 lbs.); ~24 psi for ADV (>400 lbs.). Make sure you have rim locks if you run low tyre pressures. If you are running tubeless and you pop your tyre bead... you may be out of luck... stuff it with leaves and ride her out; or steal a 21" tube from the other riders.

Food?: Don't be surprised if many of the other riders don't stop for lunch...Plan to brown bag lunch or at the MotoMart in Carnegie .

Hydrate or Die!

Fuel Range?: Have a full fuel tank. 78 miles from Meetup point to next fuel stop at Cache Creek Casino or Lower Lake. Lesson Learned: Refuel at every opportunity. Have a tow strap and always ride with a buddy!

Rabid Furry Creatures:
Originally Posted by The Revenue Hunter View Post
Oh yea I took out a little dear. He came up over the side of the road and was running as fast as he could at a 45 deg angle to me and my left foot smacked him at about 50mph. Didnt do anything to me but I bet he was sore. I hurt for about 10 minutes. Didnt shake my bike. Happened just past the OHV turn.
Originally Posted by Titus58 View Post
Oh and Revenue Hunter...we saw a dead small dear on the R shoulder maybe a mile north of the north entrance to Knoxville OHV...don't know if it was yours but in my book it's one less deer to grow big and take one of us out so thanks...and glad u were okay.
ABS?: Know how to turn off your ABS (BMW, KTM)... or pull your ABS fuse (V-Stroms).
Supere Tenere: According to Yamaha: Set on centerstand, start engine, shift to 2nd gear, apply front brake... overides ABS.

ABS resets to default when you shut off ignition. Don't forget to turn off ABS every time you restart.

Originally Posted by Tom G View Post
I also need to practice using my rear brake. Since BMW has the "integral ABS" where the brake power is automatically distributed by the ABS system, I NEVER use the foot brake but always the hand brake, so I definitely need to practice using both brakes in the dirt. Looking at the pictures the 2nd part would probably be a little on the steep side for my experience and equipment, so I'm glad I bailed out early.
Thomas - It was a pleasure riding with you. Your comment brings up a controversial but very important topic: ABS off-road

The recommendation to disable/turn-off your ABS system (and Traction Control) while riding off-road downhill is subject to debate. I'll defer the Pros vs. Cons to those that have experience on the subject.

BMW Article recommending ABS on:
" The only situation that I feel most or all riders should turn off their ABS would be on very steep, loose surface descents. In this situation, the available traction is so low that it is inevitable that the rear wheel will start to skid if as the rider tries to control the speed. In this situation the ABS system may make a rider feel that they have less control."
Here are two ADVrider topic threads: with comments on the BMW Off-Road School and RawHyde (quoted to recommend turning ABS off).

Doc Wong's clinics recommend turning ABS off.

Here's the infamous video often shown to support the argument: Why you should turn off ABS in 'limited traction downhill' conditions:

If you decide to turn-off your ABS, remember that every time you turn off the ignition, the default setting would enable the ABS system on start up.

And the procedure for BMW R1200GS?

Switch off ABS
  1. Stop the motorbike.
  2. Switch ignition off.
  3. Press ABS-button for at least 3 seconds, and then start the engine.
  4. Wait until the end of the self diagnostic test.
Result: ABS switched off, servos are in function, red ABS warnning light is on.

Switch on ABS
  1. Stop the motorbike.
  2. Switch ignition off.
  3. Start engine.
  4. Wait until the end of the self diagnostic test.
Result: ABS switched on, servos are in function.

Notes for Suzuki V-Strom
Notes for Triumph Tiger
Notes for KTM 950/990
Notes for Yamaha Super Tenere
Notes for Ducati Multistrada

This is an INFORMAL RIDE. There is no assigned lead or sweep.

Weather: forecast

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I'm in!
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I'm working that weekend...
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Ill try to ride with you all on pavement ..cheers.
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Off on Sunday... But I'm skeered...

If I don't go help a friend I might show up in FF... Might have my .22 strapped on my back
It will forever be known as "The Koi" ~ Carries An Axe

Koi's Adventure Journal
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Very cool. I'm going to try and make this happen!
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If I can get a new tire on my adventure in time I think I'll try this ride next week! :-)
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Planning on being there.
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Planning on making it for the fun!
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Originally Posted by revnort View Post
Very cool. I'm going to try and make this happen!
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I am in - for sure this time.
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I'm doing an Infineon day 4/7, but I'm interested in future rides. I have a newish Versys that I'd like to try out on roads like these!

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In. I'll be coming from the Sacramento area (and hate the slab) so Ill be at Poser's at 9:45. Ill be bringin a buddy on a DR350 as well. I will fill up in Winters but I still have the stock POS tank on. Only have about 120 mile range so Ill need to refuel at Cache Creek for sure. My buddy on the 350 has a 4.3 gal tank so he'll be fine.
RIP Mr. Caselli
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Dammit, I can't make it this weekend. I WILL make one of these sometime soon. Have fun and be safe, kiddies.
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as long as someone can help me pick up my Tiger if i drop it, i'd like to come along!
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