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Rumbo Sur
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Used,Sport Touring, middle weight recomendations?

Looking for something not too monstrous to replace my wonderful Ducati Hyperstrada. Love that Duc in many ways but can't trust it ... and can't afford to fix it if it breaks again. Such a shame, it's a GREAT riding, light weight sport touring machine. If only ....

I've looked at and ridden several of the current ADV bikes with the 19" front, and liked some a lot. Owned a DL1000 years ago. Ridden lots of BMW GS's, Guzzi's, big Kawasaki's.

Budget is an issue, so thinking used ... and so is seat height. (inseam challenged!)

I've considered Tiger 800's but find them TOP heavy and heavy overall for an 800cc bike. Love the engine feel, handling is good. But new-ish, lo mile ones are quite expensive. Worth it with NO PLANS for off road?

(my previous bike was a Triumph 1050, which simply did not handle well, even with Ohlins and re-valved front end)

I'm interested in the KTM 1090 but can't afford new and no used ones around yet. Also, the KTM 1090 is too tall ... but I hear of cool mods to lower it 2 inches!! How long can I wait for a used one?

So far, BMW's are out for me. Too expensive to buy and to maintain ... and possibly the least reliable. Lots of little irritating things seem to crop up. Modern ones seem quite dealer dependent. Thoughts?

Of the Japanese offerings ... well I owned a FJ-09 ... for a week! Hated it. Ridden big Concours 14. Feels too big, ponderous to me.
But to be fair, the used FJ-09 I bought had been butchered and set up all wrong. Horrible suspension and wind screen. Rough feeling with very "off" handling. This in stark contrast to the NEW Demo I rode briefly ... which I loved.

I've ridden older FJ1300 and hated that one as well. The Tenere' is, for me, too tall and too heavy. The Africa Twin could do but very expensive.

I don't really need the off road ability as I have a DR650 Suzuki nicely set up for long distance ADV off road travel.

SO ...A road only bike is OK ... looking at the whole range of Sport Touring machines.

I rode the Aprilia Capo Nord years ago, the latest one looks interesting. Anyone ridden one?

Two friends bought brand new Versys 1000's and love them so far. The bike is just a hair too tall for me ... and quite heavy, but reports claim it's not a heavy riding bike and my two GS12 owning buddies swear by the Versys handling.

One short magazine tester simply brought fork tubes up an inch in triples of the Versys 1000 ... problem solved for that 5'6" rider. So ... who knows? I sat on one ages ago ... can't recall anything about it, but may try it again. Anyone here own one? Or thinking of buying a big Versys?

Used Versys 1000's are around as low as $8000. Hard to find many negatives on this Kawasaki. It's no KTM 1090 ... but could be about $7K less expensive depending how things work out.

What Sport Touring bikes do you guys like? And what would you buy now if in the market for something new (or used!)?

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