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The Silent Majority

This is a quote attributed to Richard Nixon, using it doesn't mean I would have voted for him. Pun intended, I am writing about obnoxious noise. I am writing about bikes (and some cars and pickups) which have been modified to be extra loud. I am not talking about an exhaust which adds a little “character” to the sound. I think that's stupid, useless and somewhat annoying, but nothing to get bent out of shape over. I would have probably never even mentioned it. Even new High End cars often come with the “feature” of a tuned exhaust note – making it “special”.

Now, that I have pissed off a bunch of people that I actually want for allies, smart move, dude, here's who I am really writing about: The few *#&$*&*'s that can't get enough, that have to break even the farthest stretch of common sense, that artificially, purposely, with total disregard to anybody else modify their vehicles beyond any respect to the noise they emanate in order to purposely annoy other people and actually assault and invade their lives.

Here's what's happening. Those few blow it for all of us. Overall society is slow to react, it will take a while but eventually people will lose tolerance for this shit and then the usual “crack down” will happen. More laws, much stricter limits, “bikers not welcome” attitude.

Why do we, the “silent majority” let that happen? Why do we wait for new signs “No motorcycles” to go up? In Denmark I have seen it “Knallerten forbud” - Knallerten is Danish for motorcycle and it doesn't take much imagination about the origin of the word. In German, “Knall” is a loud bang as from a gunshot.

Sure, many people might think, “I don't give a shit about about Denmark” - just a curious side fact, search for happiest country or happiest people. You'll find Denmark very high on the list.
Sure, you might still not give a shit, and frankly I don't give much about that either, but that's not the point. The point is that most people will put up with a lot of shit, but at some point they have had it. Then they will go out and ask for change. In thermodynamics this is called "activation energy". Once a bigger part of population will start to ask for more pressure on bikers, the stupid little AMA lobby or a group of aftermarket parts manufacturer special interest group won't cut it any more. Just look at the number of cars compared to the number of bikes. There are probably more Priuses on my morning commute than bikes. Just Priuses.

A movie “Noise” (worth seeing) has already been made, luckily it's not about bikes but mainly car alarms (which in itself says a lot about the sheer numbers) but bikes could be next. Actually should be.

Back to the Silent Majority.
If we let the few idiots ruin it for us, we have only ourselves to blame. I posted this already, I'll repeat here briefly: A few nights ago, some neighbors burned extremely loud several minute fire works (not 4th of July, regular weeknight). I got up, walked over and inquired about their state of mind. They basically said, what's my problem why don't I complain about the motorcycles instead.
I don't know if they knew in that moment who I was and that I actually ride every day (it was obviously dark plus we don't know each other personally), or if it was just a generic statement. Since stark words flew back and forth, I'll let everybody cool off a little and then go talk to them again. In any case, they are annoyed, just like me. If that's actually the reason – kind of a hate-firework, I don't know, will find out hopefully. In any case, it doesn't matter – it's just one case but shows that people are starting to get annoyed.

So, here's my request: Let's end the silent majority thing, at least as bikers. I assume, well, hope that those fags (thanks, Southpark) are in fact a minority even just amongst bikers. Reading through this forum at least I get that impression. Maybe there are some of them that are too chicken to come out or too illiterate to post anything outside of the well known platitudes, but in the grand scheme I am hoping for a strong majority. Let's no longer tolerate them taking a crap at our sport/entertainment/transportation and ruin our reputation in all of society.

Getting back to the crowd I pissed off in the beginning. You are in the most vulnerable position and have the highest need to act quickly. Why? Obviously, the most likely scenario society/politics will come up with is the simplest one: Make any modification to the exhaust system or even entire bike illegal and make sure it gets enforced. Enforcing that is pretty straightforward, too. And again, the motorcycle lobby might win in a small beach town, but it's not going to stand a chance against a majority in the population.

It would be interesting to know how many people in this forum are on “each side”.
a) Silent Majority which needs to speak up
b) Obnoxious hooligans who need to shut up
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