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Name: Kris
The restrooms are closed!

I got up and had the feeling to ride around Lake Berryessa. After 1 cup of coffee, I go. As I approached Martinez bridge, wind gusts was blowing me all over the lanes. I got scared and wanted to turn around and go home; but I decided to go around Cordelia by taking 780 to the Valley of Joes ---> 121--->128. That coffee in the morning was going through me, so I stopped at this shell gas station in Fairfield for gas and toilet. Got gas, but the toilets were closed due to COVID-19. I just have to hold it til I find some bushes. Riding up Wooden valley rd, a flock of turkey's out of the bushes decided to cross the road. This mild 'oh crap' came about but, I rolled off and braked. Whew!
I spotted this closed gas station by 128/Steele canyon and surprisingly found a really clean open porter potty!

Stopped at Turtle Rock to get some Gatorade and guess who I ran into? (Dave Moss)
Got to chit chatting and most important got my suspension dialed in

Headed north, towards Lower Lake and stopped at the bridge.

On the way back down, I forget how windy it was around Fairfield, when all of a sudden this square looking thing is ahead of me. This hay bale is right in the middle of the 80. Good thing I spotted it with plenty of time to go around it.

This ride started off not feeling right with the wind gusts and having to pee so bad and holding it. But, after relaxing and "riding it out" it turned out to be a good ride

Enjoy the ride!

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