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Update! Insurance is paying me, and I'm going to keep the bike as a salvage title. Happy ending. It is a unique and special bike. Maybe it won't have a catastrophic failure before I get sick of it.
I love motorcycles, bigly.
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Gabe, I used to rent my race van out on a ride share (forgot what they were called then but it's now), same concept - get paid for other people using your car when it's otherwise parked while you're at work. People loved the van - I saw it at IKEA and Home Depot several times - but they also crashed it at an alarming rate. Turo finally kicked me out because they couldn't afford to keep fixing my van up just cause some yahoo didn't know how to navigate an extended van with no rear windows in SF - shocker! I've read about this bike rental but I would be very afraid to put a bike out there that I cared about after my van experience. Sorry your bike got messed up but glad insurance is going to make you whole - and you get to keep it!
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Gabe, Did your insurance have any qualms about it being a commercial use when it was damaged, or was that not an issue that was discussed, (ahem)?
"If you think you can overcome a lack of skill by doubling your efforts, there is no limit to what you cannot accomplish"
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