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Originally Posted by R1-Limited View Post
I can agree with taking care of our elderly and military. To do this we need to kick off the Illegals, the Lazy, the incompetent and the scammers from the system. That alone would bring Social Security back.

This lady has a legit gripe and nailed it right on the head. The POS politicians use the elderly as a tool to scare everyone into thinking the opposite of what is reality and the reality is exactly what Myers Stated.

I was forced to go on MediCal and MediCad in 2010. I was refused. I had no money in the bank, had no assets to sell and yet I came to get this so my daughter can get insulin. After 3 hearings we where granted this. My first visit I witnessed 3 people who could not speak a lick of English walk out with 225 emergency funds. I wonder how many times a day through the nation these illegals get 225 cash for emergency? yet I after paying into the system for 30 plus years had to beg
Documentation for your claims please. Most social security payments go to people who have retired after working 40-60 years, not scammers or illegals.

You claim you have a right to med-ical, but others don't.
That's not true! The lie is actually the truth! I know. Lots of people know this.
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