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Welcome to the Street riders rights forum - Presented by Cycle Gear

Bay Area Riders Forum is looking to help many other organizations in the fight for our rights where appropriate by rallying barf members and others who visit barf to take action when necessary.

There are not many laws that come out that are in favor of Motorcycling and we need to stand our ground as American Citizens that vote and fight for our rights.
The latest invasions to that have been:
* The Lead Law which put mini bikes at risk because some how our elected official thought that small bikes with lead in them might be chewed on or some other dumb ass reason.

* Stock Exhaust and the requirement to have that in place to sell your bike.

There needs to be a cross over as well from all motorcyclists. If you just ride dirt -- we need your support.

If you just compete we need your support. Etc.

Coming together as two wheel enthusiast needs to get stronger so we can protect our right to ride.

BARF Supports the Sport <-- Why I do this!

This forum should be considered serious and post whoring will not be
tolerated. So please be aware we may edit out useless posts. Posts of support won't be, but we will remove crap and if you continue and suspension may be issued.

I hope you get involved for yourself and future generations.
Your friendly neighborhood.... Budman
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Awesome thread to start Budman!


and thanks to CG for sponsoring it as well!
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Ah, I'm glad to see the BARF/CG relationship is not completely finished. Great stuff!
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I love this forum!
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