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Name: Dave
To break it down, there's two schools of thought:
Gore-Tex / DWP outer layer or breathable + rain gear. Figure out when you do most of of your riding and in what season/weather and decide if you can get by with putting rain gear on when needed.
Another interesting method I saw was that an ADV tour guide uses moto-x gear under his outer layer (he removes the jacket and pant armor).
Brett Tkacs wears 'stich and Klim gtx gear, he also lives in Seattle area and probably gets 300 days of precip / year but it probably wouldn't be my choice of gear if I lived in Phoenix so finding a happy medium is the goal. There's no right answer and everything has it's trade off's.
I like the looks of Adventure Spec mongolian pants. I would probably go with a well vented gtx jacket w/ breathable pants + rain overpants.
Good Luck in your quest!
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