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View Poll Results: Job status... what is yours?
Small biz owner - expect to soldier through 15 11.54%
Small biz owner - not sure I can make it through 1 0.77%
Work for a small biz - should be solid. 23 17.69%
Work for a small biz - worried about keeping my job. 6 4.62%
Already unemployed - 7 5.38%
Work for a large Corp - should be good 43 33.08%
Work for a large Corp - worried about being laid off. 5 3.85%
Retired - worried about making ends meet 2 1.54%
Retired - I should be good. 9 6.92%
Other - explain if you wish. 19 14.62%
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Name: Ken
The company I work for has implemented daily temperature checks for all employees. I am glad for this, even though if someone comes in with an elevated temperature I feel it will be too late, and we will be at risk for infection.

At least the owner, who was in complete denial when she returned in mid-May, is now taking things seriously. She listens daily to Rush Limbaugh and gets her "facts" from his broadcast.

Mods, if that is waxing political, please delete and accept my apologies. I am attempting to explain why she was off the charts in denial back in May. I went with her to select a television for her home last week, and we actually had a non-confrontational conversation about the pandemic. I summarized my position on protective measures and a path to ending Covid's stranglehold on us by stating I believe in the science. She actually agreed!
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