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Originally Posted by Junkie View Post
I remember some classes not mentioned there

at Dixon there was a Ninja 250/300 and R3 class (I forget what it was called, Formula Moto maybe? but those aren't what I think when I hear GP chassis), open (aka full size supermoto) Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Vet (30+) open, probably some more that I'm forgetting too.

I don't remember anything on the form about a 65 heavy class but I may have missed it
true! Another example to your point, is the Formula 5 and the 65GP class, which I entered. By the second practice of the Formula 5, it turned into a 65cc spec class, and the 65GP spec class was combined with 85cc / 150rcc

Therefore, with that said ...... Class(es) and or Class line-up have been modified (subject to change) a bit since Allen initially started the race series, due to class participation, bike(s) / rider attendance, and evolution of bike changes over the years. Regardless, if a rider has a bike(s) and a will to race, Allen is very lenient to modify a class(es) where he sees fit, for everyone to enter a race class(es) to compete and have fun

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