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Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Outer Richmond
Motorcycles: '05 DRZ440SM; '96? KLX; '97 KLR; another KLX & another KLR
Name: Maxwell
Projects for Sale

It pains me to do this, as moto work is my decompression from my day job, but I've made a decision that I need more space and less work for the immediate future. Everything is sold AS-IS, with NO WARRANTY, and you should expect to put in at least 5 hours of work (more like 20) to verify everything is safe before riding these motorcycles. I also do not condone new riders to buy these unless they are looking for a long project in which to learn how to wrench, and have someone to guide them.

Duh, you want pictures. I'll post older ones and try to take newer ones when I get a chance, read: maybe in a week.

2004 Suzuki DR-Z Supermoto
-Specs: 440 big bore kit, E cams, FCR carb, larger opaque plastic tank, loud as hell straight pipe, nice rack on the rear, RaceTech 8" light with H4 conversion.
-Comes with: set of USD forks to swap over (stock ones are fubar), most of a spare engine
-Mileage: unknown
-Condition: Rough, sat outside in SF for a year before I bought the poor thing inside. Sat because the front sprocket came loose, chain broke, sliced open engine case, pissed oil. Tried to JB weld and patch up hole to no avail. Planned to just swap bottom ends and call it a day. Front forks must have been pitted as aluminum has oxidized and expanded. Spokes have some rust, but the bike was never pretty. Missing front fender
-History: Previous owner lived in Monterrey area, previous previous owner supposedly was Suzuki mechanic and built it up. I bought the bike and loved it: the bike wanted me to ride like a hooligan; hop curbs, run through pot holes and parks, over small pets or children, and curse at old ladies. Making me sweat just thinking about it.
-Location: San Francisco
-Price: 1400$ OBO, might have some decent tires to throw in with it


2002(? Gen1) Kawasaki EX250 / Ninja 250 - Scrambler project
-Specs: 250CC, stock two carb with single square pod filter (no airbox), forks off a track bike with stiffer springs, Ruckus 50 dual headlight hacked on, harness for the headlight (? might need some work), MX bars with 2" lift, Twin Brothers cans with some quieter inserts
-Comes with: Another set of wheels with good tires, tons of rebuild bearings and parts, stock bottom fairing, aftermarket LED tail light that needs hacking
-Mileage: unknown
-Condition: Also rough around the edges, but will clean up nice, not worth putting back to stock condition
-History: Previous owner lived in Napa area, and rode it a fair amount until he was involved in an accident that bent the forks, and broke some plastics. Bike was stored in a garage during the Napa earthquake a few years back, and was knocked over. I bought the bike and stripped off the broken plastics, started to build a scrambler out of it for bouncing around town, and to have as a nice intro to riding for some friends.
-Location: San Francisco
-Price: 500$ OBO

1993-96 Kawsaki KLX-C & R - two bikes! SOLD!!
-Specs: ~650CC stock engine, USD forks from the factory, 21/17 stock wheel sizes
-Comes with: Spare plastics, engine parts (C jug ready for a bore and hone for..), one used Vulcan 1500 piston for 678cc cheap-o big bore
-Mileage: unknown
-Condition: Rough, sat in a covered outside area in San Mateo for several years before I bought them, then trucked over to be stored in Fremont for a few years, semi covered. Cobwebs for all!
-History: Previous owner was an air craft mechanic and small time bike dismantler/mechanic. He passed away and I bought the bikes from his widow. Titling was a small pain, but not much more than a regular unscheduled trip to the DMV. I should have the right paperwork to get these properly titled. I had planned to build one clean bike out of the best parts from both, and add on SuMo wheels for giggles
-Location: Fremont
-Price: SOLD!!
200$ together - get this shit out of my parents yard

Brand new set of Sun Rims and spokes for 90s Kawi - $400
I'll have to check the hole pattern, fairly sure they're 36 spoke

1999 BMW R1100S
-Specs: 1100cc engine, hand warmers
-Comes with: Sides cases, one damaged, battery tender
-Mileage: ~45k
-Condition: Was great, now it's been sitting in the Richmond for 10 months, and ...
-History: Previous owner lived in Oakland and had a good time with the bike, but had bought something newer and let it go with mild clutch slipping issues. I picked it up at the behest of a friend of mine, and after a while started to enjoy the smoothness of freeway riding. Then I got cut off 80W just after the toll plaza. Frame is cracked, valve cover scratched and may leak, front fairing support bent, turn signals cracked, etc. Engine should still be in good shape. I will not sell this bike with a title, as I do not believe it is worth salvaging in any form, besides parting out.
-Location: San Francisco
-Price: 100$ OBO - get this shit out of my driveway
Pics (before and after damage) :

Inquiries for sale should be sent to my username here on barf
Questions can be posted here, I'll answer to the best of my ability.

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