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Lunch Box
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Ahhh, gotcha. That sucks. :/
"No orifice is safe! Spread the word." - byke
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Watched a show last night called "Save My Life" or something. It's a ER reality show. They had the video of a guy squidding it up on an SV and doing a head on into a truck. The guy snapped his femur. Leg looked about torn off. Apparently he nearly died as well. Made me think of this thread.
Heal up ABC!
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Yeah doctors told me I was pretty close to dying in the life flight due to bleeding out and tearing the major artery in there. Scary shit
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Originally Posted by ABC View Post
Yes, poop touchdown happened about a week ago. I have my own toilet in the room now so I dont even have to leave my room to take a shit. Im fancy as shit now
It's good to be the king of your domain, the inspirational message certainly helps as well...

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