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Old 07-18-2017, 05:01 AM   #1
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Name: Steve
Update on Jay "smileygo"

This is the latest on Jay who suffered a traumatic brain injury after being hit by a bicycle while in Japan. He rides a ZX14.

Hello Steve,

We are halfway through our stay in Japan and I would like to update you on how Jay is doing.

When we arrived 3 weeks ago, he did not recognize us. He just gave us a cold stare. Kids were very disappointed about it and so was I. He could not move,

talk, eat, sit up nor stand. But after 3 weeks now, we are seeing improvements.

He is gradually getting stronger. He can sit for 3min without support. He can stand for 3 min or so with help from a machine or therapist. He is now re-learning to chew and swallow by eating jello and drinking tea. He can hold a cup in his left hand and slowly drink tea by himself. ( he can finish 200ml of tea in 20min. )

We are seeing facial expressions as well. He smiles sometimes. Although he does not understand language and cannot communicate ( cannot speak or follow commands ) there are moments when we think he is understanding some of our conversations. He smiled at one of the jokes kids and I were telling each other. He smiled when a nurse bumped herself on the edge of the bed and cried in agony. ( How mean. LOL ) He smiles when we arrive at his bedside. Just this week, he started nodding to some of our questions and comments. Maybe 1 or 2 out of 10 questions we ask . ( he does not shake his head yet though. ) We get excited when we can share smiles. It motivates us greatly and I believe it is the same for Jay too. With the responses we get from him, we are enjoying the visits much more. Rehab. Therapists do great job on him everyday. Although the progress is slow, we are hoping to see more improvements before we return to US.

All these improvements are supported by your thoughts and prayers.

Also from the support from the members of BARF.

I feel very lucky to have so many people praying for him.

And please extend my appreciating to the members and friends of BARF.

I would like to keep you updated, and will e-mail you again.

Thank you Steve!

If your nose runs and your feet smell, you're built upside down.
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