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Closed Thread
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Old 03-17-2006, 08:35 PM   #1
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Motorcycles: Does a quad count?

Please keep all attitude, lame remarks, and overall stupidity out of this forum. People come in here with real questions, looking for real answers. I dont mind a little ribbing, but jumping in and shooting off your mouth wont be tolerated in here.

People seek advice and knowledge in here, please dont show us how little of both you might have.



Do Your Own Oil Change!

Rear Wheel Removal!

Brake Pad and Steel Braid Line Installation!

Replace Your Battery!

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Old 03-20-2006, 09:30 AM   #2
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Motorcycles: the trickest f2 you've ever seen.
Name: shawn
i agree! civilized debates/banter about parts, tools, etc...will also be ok, just keep the name calling and rude comments to yo self.
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where to get inked up worked here for 14 years the cheat is the sheet
where i got my degrees rules of barf new fuel

want me to fix your ride?
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