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Name: Merlin
KLX and Light Bee Supermoto Day at Metcalf Motorcycle Park

So I've never ridden a supermoto off road before so I figure let's do it! Not too long ago I bought the supermoto I recently set up my harbor freight trailer with a dual chock setup and hauled them to the park. Haha not even 1 minute in the dirt and had already dumped the bike. The Light Bee is terrifying riding with the supermoto wheels. I don't know what it is maybe those chinese tires but it's all over the place. The KLX was much easier to ride in the dirt. You gotta be careful with the throttle on the Light Bee because it has regenerative braking and most of the time when it goes out of control is because you chop the throttle. It was a lot of fun though it definitely ups the riding difficulty. If you don't lean the bike properly it will be sure and punish you with front sliding. You've got to ride it with throttle open for it to be controllable.

One interesting difference between the two bikes is on has a manual transmission and the other is a single speed direct drive. With the wider gearing (42T vs 60T) that came with the supermoto kit it has a higher top speed but less torque and when going up steep hills you miss that extra torque. If I could just shift to a lower gear that wouldn't be a problem. I feel a gearbox would help keep it in the powerband. Also I do have an electric bike with a gearbox and notice an electric manual and gas manual are a little different. The gas bike you can hear listen to the motor and tell when the engine is making power or losing power and shift accordingly. Like if it spinning real fast upshift or if it's bogging down downshift. On an electric bike you can't really hear when to shift. You rely on the tachometer =/ A nice thing about the electric is you turn the key and ride it, no turning on the fuel, choking, warming up. Just hop on and go. Another difference I notice when the electric bike's state of charge goes down you can feel it. It slowly looses power as the battery is depleted. After it get's below 50% it's noticeably slower. The gas bike will perform the same for the most part even when the gas is low.

Ready for take off

Gear on bikes off trailer ready to ride

It was a beautiful day for a ride, I picked today because it was the cooler day in the week. Pictures for Trail 1.

In true supermoto fashion I road the Light Bee up and down Metcalf Road and back up to the motocross track

Last time H20 hillclimb was closed so I didn't get a crack at it with the Light Bee. The supermoto Light Bee could barely make it to the top. Riding a supermoto up hillblimbs suck if you run out of power and momentum you don't won't have enough grip to motor up the rest of the way. I was paddling at the top. The KLX no problem climbing up I did it in 3rd down to 2nd and I did another run and was able to keep it in 3rd. Also going down is terrifying haha. No traction so you give it the brakes and it just starts sliding.

Time to pack up the toys

Haha also they made the jumps steeper, I noticed the jumps were rounded off the last I went there particularly on the mini motocross track not no more! The Light Bee is a lot of fun to jump because it's so light. It's like riding a BMX bike.
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