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Originally Posted by ctwo View Post
I'm a little confused at the premise. "17 guns in 24 days." seems like a lot of guns being taken away from the bad guys...
Didn't even scratch the surface of what is really out there. Imagine what could be recovered from LA or Oakland ganglands.

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"A Ruger-57 is a pistol that can fire 28mm rifle rounds."

What type of BS is that? The 5.7 x 28 round is the smallest center fire round there is. About the same size as a .22LR rim fire round. in fact, my CMMG can fire either down the same barrel.

It would be more accurate to say a PS-90 is a rifle that can fire the small 5.7 pistol round.

Rifle rounds come in a box of 20.

Pistol rounds come in a box of fifty.

The 5.7x 28 round you can only find in 50 round boxes.

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Good job Vacaville PD.

A lot of bad people with guns. Keep it going.
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Oh wow. Sounds felonious!

Originally Posted by JMardy View Post
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Mad Dog Tannen

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28mm is the length of the cartridge.
5.7 is a high velocity round tha moves very fast. It's small diameter and high velocity is what makes it go through body armor more easily. That is why cops hate them and don't want criminals to have them.
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