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Oh, the mindset that you gotta crash and break bones and bleed and all that to get better is kind of ridiculous.

The flip side, of if you plan to win races then on that path you will have some crashes is correct.
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Originally Posted by DJNick View Post
ThinkFast you know you are replying to a thread over 10 years old? I'm not even sure if Mark still posts here.
Ghost bumps are the best!
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Originally Posted by usedtobefast View Post
To add to the 11 year old thread ...

From the pic of dragging a knee on skeggs to the "how do I go faster" mindset, I was thinking "why is this guy riding the street like this" ... get to the track.

I couldn't make it much further.
Tracks are actually really boring to me. First off it is the same 3+/- miles with about 15 to 20 corners, over and over again. You get to spend all day riding about 100 miles. When I go riding and go riding with others we get about 150 to 300 miles of riding. We stop at the pub at the end and everyone goes home. Every single track day I have attended has had multiple ambulance rides out of there and all but one has had an air ambulance out of there. And all these other riders near me in corners at 100mph scare me, I do not know who they are! Also, on my old 750, they would pass me on the straits and park their sh!t in the corners. I can't find the photo of me waving back three slow riders in a corner while we were all dragging knee. LOL

So I am now 54, been riding from about 1996, have developed two techniques to ride fast and lead groups on roads we have never been on before, and which involves being able to avoid unseen dangers. (Inside joke here, me holding back the entire group for 5 minutes on the most SPECTACULAR straits, for an oncoming black Crown Victorian, but I had it wrong, it was a black Fvcking Ford Probe. LOL!!! Then the entire group of 1000s left me in the dust with my 750. It took 15 minutes to catch up to them. LOL) So the second technique still needs some fine tuning...LOL.

So fast street riding can be done successfully on specific roads, on specific days, at specific times, knowing where driveways are and slowing, and knowing where the animal trails are and the easiest routes to water are. It takes some time to develop this knowledge. It is in my opinion much more difficult then track riding.

I never drink and ride...I would never allow riding to interfere with my drinking.

Hear, "I am", send me an angel. As I ride, may an angel fly at my side!

"I sence much BEER in you", Yoda (American Jedi Master).

A friend gave me a book about the ills of drinking, so I stopped reading.
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Rolls with it...
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Kinda full circle at this point....
"I used to be 'with it', but then they changed what 'it' was. Now what I'm with isn't 'it', and what's 'it' seems weird and scary. It'll happen to you!"
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