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What the shit is this...
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Originally Posted by BMW View Post
I am Neuroscientist by day so I can say with some confidence... No! On the other hand the mm wave scanners at the airport... letís just say I opt for the pat down or find a line with a traditional metal detector.
Originally Posted by Blankpage View Post
What else you got in that?
I'm going through one of those things every few weeks
Originally Posted by BMW View Post
I have a letter somewhere on my PC, singed by all the big wigs at UCSF Cancer center to Obama expressing major concerns regarding these machines. Iíll have to see if I can dig that up. I would serious try to avoid it by opting out if you fly regularly. I think the main issue is that so much energy in such a small penetration depth. (Skin cancer, testicular cancer, and etc). I could have this part wrong so donít hold me to that.
Thanks for the link on that. I used to work in nuclear power and know a thing or three about ionizing radiation, and opted out of those machines for years before finally getting pre-check.

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