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Originally Posted by rootkit View Post
wow, 5 different signs and that guy was still sailing.
I did not pay attention to the number of signs. What really got my attention was the yellow alpinestar 4 season armored sweater?
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I've definitely made this mistake and had to learn to supress the desire to wave in any kind of dangerous circumstance. Sucks to make that kind of a mistake and pay for it, but hopefully he can brush it off and take it as a lesson learned.
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Originally Posted by taoster View Post
is it just me or was the rider staring at the truck as if it was his fault? anyways.. glad he was able to walk away.
In fact the truck driver's insurance agent called me a week later to ask for my version of the incident. Apparently the rider was denying fault. I told him to watch the video.
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Least he had a full face on on a cruiser, I don't see enough of that out there
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