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New to the forum/ need help!

Hey all,

My name is Wade and Iím new to the west coast. I just moved to Reno, NV from Central Illinois. I grew up racing motocross my whole life and have always wanted to try supermoto. Anyway, Iím 31 now and my moto days are mostly behind me, itís time for something new. Iíd really like to start riding/racing supermoto. Can anyone give me the info on things like where tracks are? How my motocross bike should be set up? What I should be wearing? Etc. straight up noob here. My moto back ground was strong intermediate B class and I currently have a 2018 KTM 250SXF.

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Check out the Supermoto forum. Lots of info on track time and bikes etc.

Enjoy the barf and with a

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can't answer any of your questions but i absolutely love Reno
hope you enjoy it here (and there)
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Lots of great riding up there! Welcome wade
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Welcome. We have several barfers up in Reno. You might want to look up Junkie and Pelon for track info.
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check out the new
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