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Old 02-11-2019, 10:45 AM   #1
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Kid's Ride and Wrench Camp Scholarship Nominations being accepted

For Immediate Release:

Kid's Ride and Wrench Camp Scholarship Nominations being accepted

To help youth learn how to use tools, Rich Oliver's Mystery School founded the Kid's Ride & Wrench Camp in 2017. The success of the program has gained a far reach and was touted by as 'the best motorcycle industry idea of 2017'.

The next Kid's Ride & Wrench Camp is March 2 - 3, 2019 and through generous donors who have a passion of introducing youth to motorcycling and the vocation of mechanics, we are proud to announce that through generous individuals and companies, we now have three scholarships available!

We are looking for a youth, between the ages of 10 - 18, who has no or a limited knowledge of how to ride and an interest in learning how to use tools. If you have a good candidate, please submit an entry to us by emailing us at with the following:

• Subject line: Kids Ride & Wrench scholarship nomination
• In the body of the text, include the youth's name, address and age
• Have the youth write a short paragraph giving us a brief overview of their interests, their character, what their motorcycle experience is and why they feel that they would be a scholarship recipient.
• Contact phone number and email.

We will select and notify the recipients of the awards on February 15, 2018.

For anyone interested in donating a spot to a youth, please contact us at or (559) 855-3089.

About Rich Oliver's Mystery School

Rich Oliver's Mystery School offers several courses to help students of all ages, starting at age 7, to learn how to gain skills, confidence and control when operating a motorcycle. Check out all of our course offerings and dates at

The mission of the Mystery School is to offer a safe, hospitable, high-quality training facility and curriculums that give our students additional riding skills that can be used to avoid accidents and injuries when riding their own motorcycle(s) on the street, dirt or track.

The Mystery School curriculums specialize in motorcycle riding safety and skill building, using small low powered motorcycles for ease of training. We use dirt tracks and dirt drill areas that are specifically set up for each lesson. Training is done of flat tracks, not motocross tracks.

Most of our students are street riders and Police Motor Officers who gain increased motorcycle control and confidence by riding in the dirt under our guidance and coaching. For the student who has never ridden a motorcycle before, our goal is to teach them the safety skills needed so they can have a lifetime of motorcycling enjoyment.


Get your kiddo in quickly...!!!!
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Old 02-11-2019, 02:08 PM   #3
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This is cool, going to have my 12yo submit for this. Been wanting to see if he'd take a serious interest in riding if given all the resources.
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Cool Beans Budman!
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This is awesome, the other day I encountered a girlscout and her mom at the grocery. Winds up the mom works with my physiscal therapist. The filthy, gimpy, older woman, with the dirtbikes in the old truck apparantly is the coolest thing the little girl has ever seen. She wants to ride dirt bikes now.
Her mom thinks it's a good idea better she learns now.
Forwarding this.
District 36

check ut the new

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Awesome, just awesome.
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This is dreamy! But this was my idea. Ok, maybe it was Rich Oliver's *too* but so glad it's a thing! Thank you for posting and I have to get involved.
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