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Bay Area BMW Service for R1200GSA?

I've got a 2009 BMW R1200GSA that's up against a 60K mile service. What bay area dealer should I be talking to? Who's got the best reputation and price?
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Mountain View. They all are priced the same in terms of service
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Name: Dave
Iíve been using BMW of SF for years, they are excellent.
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Name: Bob
BMW Factory trained

Ben's Motorcycle Works
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Name: Tom
You can do it yourself pretty easy. Find someone with a GS-911.
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Name: dan
It may to late for you , but I posted in case someone else needs him.I have used this guy , I am surprised no one mentioned him , he is very experienced . Dealer can be good or bad depending on who you get and where you go .The UnDealership (BMW-Triumph service and repair)
635 Bair Island Rd #110, Redwood City, CA 94063, USA
+1 650-346-7349

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