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Originally Posted by ScottRNelson View Post
The more I study the XTrainer, the more it sounds like just what I'm looking for. It seems to be just the right tool for technical single-track riding and that's what I want it for. Not interested in big power and don't intend to go all that fast on the trails. I'm after a bike that can do the things that my XR650L can't because it's heavy and carries the weight up high.

I may have to look into heavier springs and maybe bar risers, but I'll wait until I've ridden one for a bit to decide what I need. My XR is sprung more softly than stock and I like it that way.

In any case, unless I find a deal on a used one for sale, it will likely be near the end of the summer before I get anything.
There is a used one on cl in tracy right now for 6k
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Have you looked at Sherco? I got to ride a Sherco 300 4 and 2 stroke bikes last year and I was like wow it's like superpowerful mountain bike. It was easy to ride and throw around the 2 stroke.

Man I would love to ride my Light Bee on the stuff these guys are riding.

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Originally Posted by HadesOmega View Post
Have you looked at Sherco?
I'm only considering brands that have a local dealer. We don't even have any Ducati or Aprilia dealers in this state.

I was going to say that we don't have any dealers for any Italian bikes, but Beta is Italian.
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